Smooth Success

What snack is always a crowd pleaser with students and never fails to get rave reviews? Pizza? Nope! Cupcakes? Not quite! Ice cream? Getting closer! I’ll give you a hint. It involves electricity, a little imagination, and the ability to be a great taster. Stumped? I’ll tell you – swamp smoothies! Despite the interesting sounding name (compliments of a third grader) most students love Green Smoothies! In a cooking club rut (we don’t always have access to a kitchen – just a microwave and sink), I spent way too much time scouring the internet and bugging my fellow resource contacts for simple, low-cost, healthy, and delicious recipes. Then I thought to myself, what would I want to eat? What do I enjoy? Lately, even though it’s wintertime, I have been all about the greens whipped up in my blender.


The greatness of smoothies, in my opinion, is that you can almost never fail to go wrong. On occasion though, I have. Add too much plant powder or random assortment of veggies (mint, celery, and parsley in my case) and the result can be disastrous. It’s terrible when your smoothie taste like a cactus or field of grass. However, if you follow some simple guidelines, smoothies are a delicious treat or great breakfast on the go!


This is the green smoothie students whipped up:


-1 cup of liquid of choice (I went with soy milk)

-1 banana (frozen or fresh)

-2 handfuls of greens (spinach in our case)

-2 dates (for sweetness) (honey works well too)!

-4 ice cubes



Students at Waterville quickly realized the greatness and versatility of a smoothie. I even had some students ask if they could try the spinach raw – and they LOVED IT! Most were willing to try dates for the first time- to mixed reviews. After sampling our ingredients and blending, some students still had doubts about the bright green liquid!   Green Smoothie 2


To experiment, we added more ice for a thicker consistency. Then we decided to add another date to boost the flavor! All ten students loved the result! I asked for names for our recipe. Here are some of my favorite responses:

“Forest smoothie”

“Leaf smoothie”

“Nature in a glass”

“Frog smoothie”

Green Smoothie 4

We had a contest to see who could create the best green mustache. The competition was fierce! I now have a reason to look forward to Friday afternoons – cooking club at Waterville! Green Smoothie 5


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