Another Day of Service– MLK Style!

In the world of service members, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a recognized and celebrated holiday. It’s not a holiday in the same sense that we celebrate Christmas and New Years, with oodles of treats and overindulging… Although I’m sure we’re all still recovering a bit from the holiday season. What perfect timing, really, for another national holiday. We’ve recently spent some vacation time with family & friends, opened gifts, and had more than our fair share of food. Now is the time to give back and recognize a day dedicated to the service of others, something we’re VERY familiar with at the Food & Fitness Headquarters.


After some brief brainstorming sessions among FoodCorps and AmeriCorps service members, we settled on a project of making freezer meals to donate to our local food pantry through Northeast Iowa Community Action. What can I say? FFI members take every opportunity to spend more time in a kitchen… Any kitchen! After some light planning, we set aside a day and got to work. Let the lasagna assembly begin!


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We took over the Oneota Food Co-op cooking classroom in Decorah one afternoon to tackle our MLK project. It’s a tried and true expression, but many hands make light work. Our assembly line fashion resulted in making 12 lasagnas in record time. We froze all our pans with instructions for families, then let the food pantry distribute our contributions throughout the community. There are sure to be some delicious-smelling kitchens and happy tummies in our area!




It’s funny to plan an “extra” service project amongst the FFI Resource Contacts when volunteering is our full-time job. We serve. We serve our communities and schools every single day. We do it because we want to share our work, knowledge, enthusiasm, energy, and positivity to influence others. We serve to make a difference, no matter how significant, because we all have an enormous passion for “Food & Fitness” work. We serve because we LOVE it. Without love and passion, do you really think we would volunteer our time every day? However, our service only matters because of the support we get from countless sources. Thank you all for your support and continued encouragement. Please continue to “serve” others with us on a daily basis, not just on one special day of the year.


As we like to say, TOGETHER We Grow Healthy Kids.







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