Water, Water Everywhere…

About 70% of an adult’s body is made up of it.


We should drink 8 glasses per day.


It can increase our energy and decrease our chances of getting certain types of cancers.


It’s water, and most of us are not drinking enough of it.


But, I’ve spent a lot of the last couple months thinking about it. Postville is trying to get four of those cool water bottle refill stations installed. The state of the current water fountains is pretty sad. The buttons are broken, the flow is so low that you practically have to put your mouth on the spout, or they just plain don’t work. I’ve been searching out ways to help fund this installment.


At the end of October, Postville applied for and was awarded $500 to go towards the cost of installing these stations. Part of the requirement for receiving this money is that I educate the kindergarten through sixth grade students on healthier beverage choices and work to promote water as the best choice.


It can be a tough sell, but there have been some events that give me some hope. First, many students already bring water bottles to school and when we have mileage club every Wednesday, there are more than a few that stop by every water fountain we pass to take a drink. Also, during the week before the grant application was due, the school’s boiler was shut down, and the water wasn’t safe to drink, so the administration set out water coolers for the kids to use. I have never seen kids so excited to drink water. It may just be the novelty, but if I can ride that wave of enthusiasm when the new machines are put it, we may have a water revolution on our hands.


Feeling thirsty yet?


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