Spicing up the Cafeteria

The last couple of months I have been attempting to brighten up the cafeteria here at Central. I know that I feel more relaxed and happy in a colorful environment and I am sure the students feel the same way. So don’t tell anyone, but I have been using Pinterest at work… BUT for decorating purposes only, I swear. I found a couple of great ideas and have slowly made some headway. Some classes have also created works to add. Take a look and see what you think! We still have a long way to go!


Mrs. Meyer’s eighth grade art class made this beautiful pumpkin mural, attached with pumpkin facts.

image (8)


Mrs. Wenger’s class researched different food related topics and made posters!

image (9)

I decided to decorate the salad bar!

image (7)

Attached with jokes and facts!

image (19)image (6)



Rainbow food chart!

image (5)



I had a little fun with the letterpress from the AEA.

image (4)

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