Have you tried Broccoli Ice Cream?

Darcy Wemark, Decorah’s Sunflower Preschool Teacher, connected broccoli (the Farm to Preschool food of the month) to her lessons. She reported, “Our children’s choice of study in October was ice-cream. One of our songs we used was off of you tube, “Do you like broccoli ice-cream?” We goggled broccoli ice-cream and found out there actually was such a thing and with broccoli being the food of the month we decided to make it as a class and share it with our families. The recipe included peanut butter, vanilla, milk, blueberries, spinach, broccoli, and strawberries. We did all try it, but it was not a hit. It tasted good before it was frozen. After frozen, it got a strong spinach taste! It was pretty fun, though!”


I was so curious about broccoli ice-cream I tried it myself. It was good as a smoothie but I would agree with Darcy and her students not so much as ice cream.



Teachers Barb Havlik, Gretchen Myers, and Jolene Rosonke of the New Hampton TLC Preschool were busy last month. They sent home a parent newsletter and talked about how to grow broccoli, where it comes from, and where you can get it. They also read the story “Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli”. They served raw broccoli with Greek yogurt ranch dip to the preschool students. They all tried it even though some only took one bite. They also roasted broccoli and served it. The roasted broccoli seemed to go over better with the children.


 IMG_5975 Broccoli


Shanna Putnam Dibble, West Side Transitional Kindergarten Teacher in Decorah Community School District was also busy last month with Farm to Preschool activities. They did a broccoli taste test, had broccoli and veggie dip for several snacks, and cooked broccoli and grilled cheese sandwiches and broccoli cheese bites while learning about broccoli and other foods in the vegetable group.


IMG_5982 Broccoli

Jill Roffman, Preschool Teacher at Waukon West Elementary had another great month with Farm to Preschool and studying broccoli. Her student took a field trip to their local Farmers Market to check out the local seasonal produce.


Waukon West At Farmers Market
My hat is off to the innovation these teachers are using to help children connect and better understand where their food comes from and what it taste like in a variety of ways it can be prepared. Great Job!

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  1. What a fun time you had studying about food!! Thanks for singing our “Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?” song. Hats off to all of the students for trying new foods, even if it was only one bite. Way to keep an open mind about new things.
    Good to know about broccoli smoothies vs. broccoli ice cream. 😉
    Super Simple Learning

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