St. Ben’s Garden Clean Up

St. Ben’s 7th graders were in charge of the garden clean up this year. The saying “many20141023_112010 hands makes light work” was beyond true in this instance! There were plenty of kids and everyone had a job to do: organizing tomato cages, pulling up dead plants, hauling compost, and smoothing out the soil in the beds, just to name a few. With everyone’s help we got the garden ship shape in about 25 minutes!




20141023_112751This garden clean up proved to be much more exciting than I thought it would be. The students found plenty of earth worms, which some kids pulled out to examine, and we also found a mole!  Pretty much everyone came to watch it scurry around in the dirt and eventually scamper off away from all the humans. Finding garden creatures was a great lesson in being respectful to all the living things that live there and got the kids very engaged in the activity.


St. Ben’s students are so fun to work with and have such good manners! I can’t wait to be more engaged in their school community, with taste tests in the cafeteria, lessons in kindergarten and first grade, and once spring hits – awesome garden activities!



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