Kicking Off F2S: Peake’s Orchard

Farm to School Month kicks off tomorrow with what is sure to be a month full of local foods,P1030981 taste tests, and farmer visits. John Cline kindergartners got Farm to School started off a little early with a visit to Peake’s Orchard in Waukon.


Kindergarten classes have been talking about apples for a few weeks, reading books about apples and doing math with apples, so it was great to finish up their unit with a trip to the orchard!




Peake’s does a great job of hosting students. We started off the visit with a hay ride out to the orchard where we got to look at all the beautiful apple trees and see the wild life (cows). Mr. Peake showed up how they pick apples and then talked about how there are different varieties. After that, we headed back to the main area where we watched how they wash their apples and sort them by size and quality. Then it was time to head into the cooler to see where the apples are stored. As it turns out, you’re supposed to keep your apples in the fridge (something I never used to do – Whoops!) Even I learned something new on this field trip!


We ended the field trip with a Honey Crisp apple taste test and it was time to go back to P1030982school already! It was so fun getting to participate in this field trip so I can integrate what the kindergartners learned into my first lesson in their classrooms: local apples with apple dip!

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