Back in Action!

Valley garden

Valley garden

I’m back at it for a second year!!!


And I couldn’t be more excited. Clearly.


I’m the only returning Resource Contact who has a completely new school assignment from last year. I’m serving the North Fayette Valley school district, where as last year I juggled 4 different school districts. At first I was extremely overwhelmed with a new school and felt like I had a huge disadvantage since I had to navigate a whole new school district and start from scratch with programs, meet all new people, and establish my presence in the schools. On top of this, I wanted to be more than available to the new RC’s who took over at my old schools. With all of this on my plate, I was basically feeling sorry for myself. I hate having a bad attitude and knew I had to change my perspective. Now I don’t want to make anyone feel bad, but I’ve decided I have the BEST situation of any of the schools we serve and I’m thinking that North Fayette Valley is about to benefit. I have the opportunity to start over in a new school district with new ideas, make new connections, and bring fresh energy into the schools.


I’ve barged into my school buildings with a smile, some experience up my sleeve, and a tray full of muffins. It doesn’t hurt to win over hearts with some healthy treats 😉 Just the past few weeks, I’ve realized how much I love meeting new people. And talking… lots of talking. North Fayette Valley has some of the nicest people ready to greet me with tons of enthusiasm and passion. How could I not be excited to work in the school district?


They have some fantastic activities and programs already in place, which makes it easy for me to expand on things and brainstorm new ideas for students and staff. We’re also incredibly lucky to have school gardens, apple trees, and a greenhouse to work with. The short time I’ve been working this year has been incredible and I’m so fortunate to have a supportive school environment dedicated to health and wellness. I’m so excited to see what we can accomplish this year.


Stay tuned!



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