Water is your best choice!

Water is one of Earth’s most important resources. It isn’t just important to Planet Earth; it’s important to all living things – people, plants and animals alike! It’s recommended that we drink, on average, at least 60 fluid ounces of water a day. However, studies have shown that some U.S. children will go over a day without consuming a glass of water.


Did you know your brain is 73% water? Your body and brain need water to function and develop properly. Young children especially need water to develop and function and sometimes are not able to express when they are thirsty so it is really important for them to have easy access to water and be able to help themselves whether it is in a baby bottle, sippy cup, glass, drink fountain or even a hose.


Below are just a few great website and organizations created to educate parents, teachers, day care providers and children on water and encourage them to drink more water on a daily basis. Check out http://www.discoverwater.org/, part of Project Wet. This site provides a free, friendly and fun online resource for children to learn about water. This interactive website is designed to engage children and teach them about the importance of drinking, conserving and exploring water.


Powered in part by Partnership for a Healthier America, Drink Up allows us to join in on the Water movement. Encourages and educates Americans about water so that we can continue to spread the word about water, and why it’s important to stay hydrated. This website hosts a gallery which is dedicated to those of us who have shared our best moments, powered by water on social media. You too can be a part of this movement, visit Drink Up to learn more! http://www.youarewhatyoudrink.org/


Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative’s 5-2-1-0 message recommends no (0) sweetened beverages and encourages everyone to drink more water and low fat milk. (Remember children under the age of 2 need whole milk for body and brain development.) You can also find our 5-2-1-0 message in English or Spanish on our website at http://www.iowafoodandfitness.org/uploads/PDF_File_13986801.pdf


Remember we are what we drink!

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