Farewell for the End of Summer

…but forever attached and connected to Food and Fitness. unnamed This week, I finish up my intern position with the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative.  What an amazing opportunity it has been to work for this program, and to help it continue to grow and thrive.  I am so glad that I was able to be reconnected with Food and Fitness, and the amazing people that work so hard to keep it going here in Northeast Iowa.  I will finish up the rest of my summer with my family out on the East Coast, and continue running for the upcoming cross-country season as I enter my third year at Luther College this coming fall.


I am thankful to be able to carry with me many relationships that I have built during my internship.  I have created so many great connections and bonds with many of the RC’s and all of my supervisors.  The RC’s have definitely inspired me to think about continuing this journey with Americorps or Foodcorps.  I hope to look further into those programs, and continue to dive into health and wellness promotion.  I will greatly miss everyone (kids included), but I hope to somehow stay involved with Food and Fitness and hopefully find myself with a successful career where I can use all of my knowledge and skills that I have obtained from being a part of this program.  My love for Food and Fitness has continued to grow, and I am certain that I will be forever connected and attached to it.  I am grateful to have been a part of a movement to change the world to be a happier and HEALTHIER place! Thanks to everyone who helped make this an amazing experience for me, and thanks to you who have been following up with my blogs and journey through my summer internship.


Special thanks to: NEIA Food and Fitness Initiative, Luther College Sustainability Dept., Haleisa Johnson, Emily Neal, Merlene Brown/Sunflower Daycare, Decorah Parks & Rec., Ashley Christensen, Paige Wettach, Megan Woodward, Ashley Dress, Ashley Turk, and Felicia Pinto. unnamed (1)

2 thoughts on “Farewell for the End of Summer

  1. Thanks Katie! You’ve been a wonderful addition to the summer FFI work! We look forward to your “return”… Best of luck in the coming year!

  2. Kate, we loved working with you on various projects this summer. Good luck in the upcoming year, and we hope you’ll return next year!

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