Edible Earth Camp: WW Homestead Trip

Last week, all of the Resource Contacts teamed up to host Edible Earth Camp 2014. It P1030947was a great week of crafts, cooking, and playing outside with kids which I have been missing since school isn’t in session. We did different activities every day, but my favorite by far was our trip to WW Homestead Dairy.



Grace feeds a new calf with Tom’s help







Tom, who owns the dairy, was our tour guide for the day. He is such a wealth of information and is great with the kids, which was great since that’s not every farmer’s specialty. Our first stop was to see and feed the new calves. I’m a sucker for baby animals so the combination of cute calves and watching the camper’s faces light up as they got to bottle feed them was the highlight of my day for sure.



Henry and Calli feeling the milking machine

Next, we headed into the milking parlor and the kids got to stick their fingers in the milking machine to see what it feels like. That caused some giggles! From there, we headed back to the creamery to learn how cheese curds, skim and chocolate milk, and ice cream are made. Lucky for us, Tom let us try the freshest cheese curds I’ve ever had which were absolutely delicious. The adults were pretty jazzed about that (free food!), but then the day got even better because we all got an ice cream cone to end our tour. After a week of fruits and veggies all the campers were beyond excited to pick their own ice cream flavor and of course eat it!


Thanks to Tom and WW Homestead Dairy for being such a great field trip host!

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