Summer Gardening

Thankfully, the gardens at Decorah High School are managed by some awesome teachers: Brad Johansen and Tim Hayes. With their guidance, I have been helping out in the garden during summer school, picking strawberries, planting cucumbers and summer squash, and weeding. It has been great to get high schoolers who don’t normally garden outside.


At John Cline, families have signed up to adopt our three raised beds. We had enough families sign up that there will be a new family every week through the first week of school. Not only does it make it easier for me, but the students and families get to be engaged in the garden and have some ownership of the plants growing. So far (knock on wood!) we haven’t had any trouble with people messing with the garden or even eating things out of it, which I appreciate. It’s really become my baby over the last few months and I would be heart broken if anything happened to it!


Here is the evolution of the John Cline Garden through the season so far:



Today in the Garden (6/26)


P1030834 P1030832 P1030710 P1030709

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