Lots of Laughs


One of the great things about working with little kids is that they truly say some hilarious stuff. I don’t know if it’s the spring air or what, but my students have been cracking me up.


Here are some of the silliest things my students have said to me lately, all of which put a smile on my face and will hopefully put a smile on yours!


Talking about eggs:


Me: Nope, there’s not a chicken in these eggs…

Kindergartener: Is there an eagle in those eggs?!


Me (once again): Nope, there’s no chicken in these eggs

1st Grader: No there’s not because both a rooster and a chicken have to sit on it in order for a chicken to be inside the egg



Thank Goodness There isn’t an Eagle in this Egg!



Talking about how all our food comes from dirt:


Me: How did these potato chips come from the dirt?

1st Grader: Well… they grow on a potato chip tree and then you pick them off.


Talking about taking care of plants…


1st grader: You have to take care of them like pets right?

Other 1st grader: Except plants are easier because they don’t bark!


Walking around at lunch, I also get a lot of jokes told to me (knock knock and otherwise)


This one is the best one I’ve heard so far:


Kindergartner: What do you call a pile of kittens?

Me: What?

Kindergartner: A Meow-tain!


At the very least, being an AmeriCorps service member has provided me with a lot of funny stories and laughs throughout the school year!


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