Kale me Krazy, but kids love kale!

P1010401 2At MFL MarMac Mrs. Butikofer’s class delivered another taste test throughout the whole elementary, Jr.K-3rd grade. This class of freshman administered the previous taste test so they had some experience under their belts. So with a little reminder on why wellness matters and the influence they have on the elementary students they were ready!




In each classroom they read a short story and talked about kale and all its health benefits. P1010404 1We decided to try a massaged kale salad and it was a hit through the whole elementary. It was nice to see the high schoolers enjoying the salad as well. The positive energy that the elementary students have when the high school students step into their classroom is wonderful. I hope the high school students see it as well and are able to enjoy the impact they are making on these students about trying new foods.

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