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This past week was full of planting and planning, very busy considering garden season is rolling in, yet so is the end of the school year! In all my busy moments it is nice that I have my commute to Guttenberg and/or Monona because it gives me a time to collect my thoughts, reflect, or sing at the top of my lungs, whichever is necessary.


This week during my commute I thought a lot about the team of service members I work with and how they have all influenced my life in such a great way. We all have our own passions and backgrounds which together makes us a strong team. Each of us are key players in this strive for wellness.  During our office days whether its brainstorming for a new lesson, deciding on what to taste test next, or how to work on our personal wellness this team always has an answer. I’ve also noticed how much we all have grown. I believe this year has brought each of us a step closer to visualizing our futures.


I want to thank Jake for his environmental touch of knowledge that I have been able to incorporate into my lessons, and of course his creative song writings. I want to thank Paige for her bubbly attitude and not being afraid to dance, no matter whose watching. I want to thank Ashley Dress for her amazing recipes and passion for scratch cooking. (I finally attempted to make my own lotion) Megan thanks for always knowing when I need a good hug and recognizing when others need some recognition. And Ashley Turk thank you for always being positive, full of energy, and for all of your classroom skills (I use your attention grabbers daily). I just wanted to thank you all for being you, because it’s really helped me!



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