Feeling Proud

At MFL Mar/Mac it was time to cross age teach again.  Each year they make and freeze salsa from the produce in the school garden and the high school students deliver a taste test with all of the elementary.  This year I decided to add black beans to the salsa and have them teach about protein.  I prepared the lesson, the salsa was out to thaw, yet there was still one obstacle I had to overcome.  How do I get these high school freshman excited to teach the elementary students?  Then as I was cooking dinner (when all my great ideas seem to pop into my head) I had the idea to video the elementary students and ask them what they thought of the high schoolers, and if they wanted them to come into their classrooms.  It totally worked!

1st graders showing off their muscles

1st graders showing off their muscles


Some of the quotes of the elementary students were:


“Their cool because they can have two milks at lunch.”


“I like them because they’re really tall and I want to be really tall too.”


“They play basketball, and one of them is my cousin.”


I was able to observe them all teaching and they all did an awesome job.  It was a great way to see the high school come together with the elementary.  The black bean salsa was a hit, (excuse my biased opinion) but who doesn’t like black bean salsa.




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