Weekly Bits – Jan 17, 2014

Like most, the FFI team joins in the reflective moments of the new year and has identified some resolutions for the new year.  Service members Paige and Ashley Dress and Ashley Turk recently wrote about their goals.  Other work group leaders have expressed their wishes in photos which have been featured on Facebook this week.  Feel free to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ and Enjoy!


ACTIVE LIVING – Ashley Christensen
The annual Iowa Bike Summit and Expo, an education conference on how to better support bicycling in our communities, is coming up on January 25 and 26 in Des Moines.  Click here to learn more and to register.


EARLY CHILDHOOD – Halesia Johnson
I recently received my first garden magazine of the year in the mail. It made me think if you’d like your kids to grow up loving gardening, learning how to grow their own food, and enjoying eating vegetables it’s never too early to get started. Gardens have two of their favorite things — dirt and water.  More.


REGIONAL FOOD SYSTEMS – Teresa Wiemerslage
Well, we are in the middle of the busy meeting season.  Check out the latest news, updates and learning opportunities offered to support diversified farming enterprises in the January NIFF Coalition notes.


While we certainly like celebrating our successes, we are no strangers to the times when things don’t work like we hope.  Taste-tests with kids can be one time where things don’t work out.  Read what happened with Paige when she took her favorite vegetable to the classroom.


Winter crops have sprung! The Allamakee Community Schools greenhouse spinach is up and growing! Nothing like tasty greens during the long cold winter!  Read how it takes a village to grow food schools in January.


I received a nice letter from the new president and CEO of the WK Kellogg Foundation, La June Montgomery Tabronust.  I think her message about the work that WKKF supports is a good reminder for everyone to hear.  “Everything we do at WKKF is focused on improving the lives of vulnerable children because we believe healthy, educated kids living in secure families, is a birthright.”


We’ve always known Northeast Iowa is a special place–not just because of its beauty, but because of the people.  Three local men have been named as “People to Watch in 2014” by the Des Moines Register.  Among them – a community college president, a school superintendent and an organic farmer.  More.








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