12 Days of Fitness

On the first day of fitness my trainer gave to me…


This week in Monona’s head start the little bulldogs and I did some holiday themed fitness fun!  We sang the 12 days of Christmas with fitness moves instead…by the time we reached nine they were feeling pretty tired but we pushed through!  It was a great way to get them up and moving.  We then had a healthy holiday treat, fruit Grinch Kabobs!  They are fun to make and tasted great.  Just place a green grape, banana slice, and strawberry  on a toothpick and snack away!


12 Days of Fitness:

1 stork stand

2 scissor jumps

3 muscle poses

4 jumping ropes

5 hula hoops

6 large lunges

7 kicks to the front

8 jogs in place

9 side stretches

10 knee lifts

11 raise the roofs

12 jumping jacks

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