Everything is Better with the Bike Blender

On November 5th, I set up a table at North Fayette Valley High School during parent-teacher conferences to talk to anyone interested in the work of Food and Fitness in the district. I had plenty of leftover ingredients from a taste test the week before, so I included bike blender smoothies as an attention getter.

I spoke to fewer parents than I had hoped, but I caught quite a few teachers during their breaks. They came for the free smoothies, but stayed to talk . A surprising number of them knew next to nothing about our programs, but were excited to hear that good things are happening in their area. I missed my target audience, but the night turned into a great networking opportunity!


A couple of days later, Paige and I had the opportunity to have a table at the Luther College volunteer fair. As the only two Luther alumni in FFI, it was fun to be on the other side of the table. Students came during their breaks to learn about volunteer opportunities in the area, and we lured them in with – you guessed it – the bike blender smoothies.

Many new faces came to speak with us about possibly being service members after graduating. Others were interested in getting involved during their remaining time in college. Over 40 people came to talk to us, and 24 signed up to receive information and updates. The best part was talking to with college friends and acquaintances about their passions for food work and healthy living. It is exciting to uncover the same values we try to teach within my friends–the next group of graduates who are about to go out and share those values with the world.



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