Eating Parts of Plants

As we’re transitioning out of October and Farm to School month, my classroom lessons are also changing focus. While it’s still a really important theme year-round, purchasing and eating local foods, I’m incorporating additional topics into nutrition lessons. Students are gradually understanding local food as we play the “Good for” game during each of my visits, and in all grades we’re talking about the different parts of plants that we eat. Many students have no idea what they actually eat and learning plant parts is a great introduction into further nutrition lessons.

TV 1st grade

What do you mean we eat different parts of plants?


That’s right! Depending on the plant, we harvest and eat different parts. Everything from roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, to seeds. All the parts serve a different function for the plant and help it grow, much like how fruits and vegetables give us nutrients and help us grow.


A pretty simple concept for us to grasp, but elementary students are surprised to learn this information and it takes them a little longer to make sense of it. To get an even better idea of eating parts of plants, we’ve sampled 3 different plant parts. Classrooms have tried different samples or even different plant parts. Some have tasted carrots, cauliflower, and pomegranate seeds while other kids might try radishes, broccoli, and pears.The wonderful thing is that we have so many options for fruits and vegetables (plant parts) that all provide us with a variety of different nutrients. Plants are superfood with superpowers!


Let’s all continue to eat an assortment of different plant parts as part of our 5 daily servings!



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