The Garden Lady

In the Postville Garden

In the Postville Garden

[I have been called many things throughout my life – but this tops it.  So glad I could make the impact on this family and have fun doing it.   ‘The Garden Lady’ aka, Haleisa Johnson]



“My daughter was able to go on a tour of the Postville Community Garden with her Head Start classroom this summer. She wasn’t going to go to school that day, but in retrospect I am so glad so she did. Upon arriving home that afternoon she overflowed with new information she had learned in the garden. First, she “taught” me that sweet peas are the “best snack ever”. She then went on to tell me that the “garden lady” told her that she should eat five fruits and vegetables every day.  She also went on to explain how a serving is the size of her open hand.



The garden experience has changed how we eat at home. My daughter asks for a produce bag when we go grocery shopping because she likes to pick out her own fruits and veggies. She also makes a point to tell me if we as a family have not had enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Our eating habits have not changed overnight, but we are a healthier family because my daughter met “the garden lady”.”



Written By Lisa Acevedo, Mother and NEICAC Head Start Lead Teacher in Postville, IA


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