Healthy Snacks at West Central

2013-03-07 15.24.56


To fundraise for the Food and Fitness Team, high schoolers at West Central have been selling healthy snacks after school since the beginning of March.  A mini-grant from Food and Fitness provided start-up funds for supplies needed to get the snack cart project off the ground.  Granola bars, apple and orange juice, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, local yogurt from Country View Dairy, and many other snacks can be purchased on the snack cart for $1 or less.  It’s wonderful that the students at West Central have healthy snacks at their fingertips to tide them over at the end of the day! We haven’t done a final count of how much the snack cart has raised for the youth team, but based on how quickly we sell out of PB&J, we should have some extra funds for wellness projects next year.

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