Don’t WASTE it, REPLACE it!!!!!!

Jessie Kuehl, Food Service Director at Central Community School Districts, has come up with a great way to offer kids of many ages more variety of fresh fruits and veggies without muddling the new federal lunch rules. Best of all, the new program reduces the waste and avoids the cross-contamination that makes veggie bars a drawback.


So, how does she do it?


By preparing pre-cut and pre-measured fresh fruit and veggie cups and salads, Jessie lets students replace the fruit or vegetable component of the hot food line with something fresh from the cooler. That way, students will have a reimbursable meal and be able to choose fresh fruits and veggies that they want to eat. The new choice will also be offered to 4th and 5th grades, which previously did not have a veggie bar.


To explain the new system of pre-packed lunches, Food and Fitness team members Natalie Fitzgerald, Kinsey Juergens,and Jennelle Gibney bring us a stunning new work of documentary brilliance… “Don’t Waste IT! REPLACE IT!” Enjoy!


(click the link to see the video!)

Don’t Waste it, Replace it!



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