Clayton Ridge ROCKS Home Grown School Lunch Week

3rd Graders love Rapson’s Country View Yogurt!

Last week, Clayton Ridge schools went all out to celebrate Home Grown School Lunch Week (October 15-19). Food service directors Bev Rodenberg and Sandy Meisner, along with their staff, worked hard to procure and prepare many different local foods to suit the student palate.


The week had a full line-up;  on Monday, apples from Roger Swanson’s orchard near Monona were served for lunch. On Tuesday, students ate coleslaw made from local cabbage purchased from GROWN Locally and raised by Paul Young near Farmersburg. Students also had the opportunity to taste-test yogurt from Country View Dairy in Hawkeye, Iowa, owned by Dave and Carolee Rapson. On Thursday, students enjoyed cucumbers and tomatoes from Garnavillo’s Nature Haven Farm (Vic and Kay Viffian) on their salads.


Students in Clayton Ridge schools had a great opportunity to  learn the importance of supporting local farmers and eating healthy foods. By learning now that local foods are good for them, good for our farmers, good for our economy, and good for our environment, students can make healthy choices for themselves and their communities tomorrow. After all, they will be the future consumers and decision makers… and, so far, they’ve decided that local foods are delicious!!!

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