Green Monster Smoothies

Can you believe October is more than half over? I know I can’t believe it, but as this month draws to a close, there is one thing on every kid’s mind… Halloween!  In celebration of this spooky holiday, the After School Program at Starmont was treated to Green Monster Smoothies.



The smoothies included some awesome fruits (apples, bananas, strawberries, and orange juice) but we were also able to sneak in some vegetables (carrots and spinach).  The smoothie was rich in Vitamin C from the fruit.  Vitamin C is important this time of the year to ward off germs.  The spinach gave the smoothie lots of iron, fiber, and calcium.  Spinach is truly a super food and it’s what makes this a “Green” Monster Smoothie!


The kids loved the smoothie!  Lot’s of them thought the smoothies tasted like kiwi, even though there was never kiwi in the blender.  It was a great way to add vegetables into a healthy, yummy snack.  I would definitely recommend this recipe to parents looking to make a great snack for their kids.  If I made the smoothies again, I would leave out the carrots.  They didn’t change the flavor much, but they had a weird texture in the final smoothie.  I would also add some


ice to make it more refreshing!  If you’d like to try the smoothies, click here for the recipe. I’m glad we tried this recipe and that so many of the students enjoyed drinking their serving of fruits and vegetables!

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