Last Hurrah

To celebrate a successful semester of the West Central after school local foods club, the club’s 15 students gathered in the school kitchen to cook dinner for their parents.


The 4-6 grade students planned the menu. They came up with vegetable wagons and fruit kabobs as appetizers, a chicken and vegetable whole wheat pasta and fruit smoothies.


It was so much fun cooking with these students. It stayed surprisingly organized and the kids were on their best behavior! We had a few people from ISU Extension help Michele Kelly (the club’s co-founder) and I with the management and organization. Wilma, the school’s food service director, also came to help. She helped us bake the chicken and throw the pasta together.


The parents loved the meal and the kids were so proud to serve their parents! The club was a huge success and I hope that we have all of the students return next year (plus more)!

Students waiting to wash their produce

The younger students assembling the fruit kabobs

Isabelle making the vegetable wagons

The older students making the strawberry banana smoothies

Wilma, the school’s food service director, helping with the pasta

The parents enjoying the meal!

We had about 30 people eating dinner with us that night! We bought ingredients for 40 just to be safe- it was extremely difficult trying to buy ingredients for that many people! I feel like I could almost run my own catering business now!

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