Salad on a Stick!

The theme of the West Central after school local foods cooking club for May was local vegetables. On Tuesday, students in grades 4-6 learned how to make healthy after school snacks that featured vegetables. Using Fuel Up to Play 60 funds, I bought special knives, peelers and choppers that were “kid-friendly” from a kitchen store in Decorah.


I set up three stations that featured different snacks for the students. Before going through the stations, I taught them the proper way to hold a knife and chop vegetables. (“If you feel the steel, your grip is real!”)


Station one was “lettuce on a stick;” the girls washed and chopped lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. They then slid each item on a bamboo skewer and drizzled it in ranch.

The girls made cucumber sandwiches at station two. They chopped cucumbers with their special “kid-friendly choppers,” spread a little cream cheese and avocado on a cucumber and put another cucumber on top to make a sandwich.

At station three, the girls made banana burritos. This didn’t feature vegetables, but I thought it would still be a fun after school snack. Usually we make banana burritos with a whole wheat tortilla, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a banana and a drizzle of honey. Instead of peanut butter, I brought sunflower butter because I wasn’t sure if there were any peanut allergies. The girls liked the banana burrito, but I think it would have been a bigger hit if I had brought peanut butter.

The K-3rd grade students come in next Tuesday and will also work with local vegetables.

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