Composting & Nature Bracelets

I recently wrote a garden grant for Lime Springs/Chester Elementary School- they received $350, “gardening in the classroom” curriculum and red wiggler worms from Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship.  The students were so excited about the worms! I delivered the worms last week and they are now the classroom “pets.” I did a lesson today on composting. I explained how composting works, why it’s important and how to properly compost.


I started the lesson with a physical activity. The teachers and I took the 1st graders and kindergartners outside to do a nature scavenger hunt and make “nature bracelets.” The students had to find items outside like pinecones, dandelions, flowers, pebbles, rocks, etc. They then used the collected items to make nature bracelets (made with masking tape). The kids had so much fun and they seemed to understand the importance of composting after the lesson!

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