Making Yogurt

The theme for this month’s after school local foods cooking club at West Central was low-fat dairy. K-6 students worked with Carolee Rapson, a local dairy farmer from Country View Dairy in Hawkeye, Iowa, to make homemade low-fat vanilla yogurt.

Students poured a gallon of 1% milk into a large pot and heated the milk to 185 degrees (with a lot of adult help and supervision, of course). It took a while to heat the milk up, so while the kids waited, Mrs. Rapson had them put labels on some yogurt containers that she brought from the farm.


After the students finished making the yogurt, they made their own yogurt parfaits with yogurt from Country View Dairy. The yogurt that they made had to incubate for four and a half hours, so we had to use yogurt that was already finished.

The K-3 students also did a “blind milk taste test” where they sampled three different cups of milk and had to guess whether it was skim, 1% or 2%. None of the students could tell the difference! I explained why skim milk is the healthiest option and the benefits of getting 3 servings of low-fat dairy every day.

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