Seasonality in Starmont

On Wednesday, March 7th students at Starmont’s After-School Club asked the question, “Why can’t we grow pineapples in Iowa?” To answer that question, and also to prepare students for the planting of a new school garden, Resource Contact Elizabeth Makarewicz visited these inquisitors.


To start out the lesson, Makarewicz had each student color his or her favorite vegetable and fruit on separate sheets of paper.  Students then “planted” each of their drawings in an imaginary garden plot.  As each student laid a fruit or vegetable down, students discussed whether or not that plant would grow well in Iowa.


Unlikely candidates: pineapple, kiwi, and bananas.  As balmy as March has been this year, students agreed these tropical fruits weren’t likely to do well without some added heat and moisture. And what were students’ favorite locally grown foods?  Hands-down: corn and watermelon.

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