Fuel Up Grants!

This past November, I wrote two Fuel Up to Play 60 grants- one for West Central Community School and the other for North Fayette Senior High School.


West Central received $4,000 for the following new wellness programs:

  • Monthly “Recreation Nights”: $1,200 for healthy snacks (prepared by students) to serve during the “rec night”; $640 for two Wii exercise systems; $275 for new hula hoops, mini cones and a limbo stick
  • After-school local foods cooking club: $850
  • New food service equipment:Apple Slicer: $206.36,Lettuce Cutter: $400.87,Pack of 6 cutting boards: $173.67
  • Fuel Up to Play 60 “kick-off party”: $250



North Fayette Senior High School received $3,190 for the following:
  • Smoothie bar for the cafeteria: $1,700
  • Series of breakfast taste tests to add healthier items to the school breakfast menu: $540
  • Walking club prizes and equipment: $700
  • Fuel Up to Play 60 Kick-off party: $250

West Central students sign the Fuel Up to Play 60 pledge banner


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