Thanksgiving and Cornbread

Starmont’s after school program has recently teamed up with Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative to provide an education and interactive lesson and taste test to its K-6 students on local foods.  Every other week the FFI Resource Contact, Elizabeth Makarewicz, visits Starmont to sample a locally sourced snack and teach a short lesson to after-schoolers.


The week prior to Thanksgiving, Elizabeth showed up with an Iowa favorite: cornbread!  Baked with local cornmeal and sweetened with local honey, this cornbread was not only tasty, but it also served as the perfect launching pad for a lesson on local foods.


Students were asked to name some of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes and then map out where those foods are typically produced.  That some of students’ favorite foods travel thousands of miles to reach them in the agricultural hub of Iowa came as a surprise!


To conclude their Thanksgiving lesson, Starmont locavores discussed ways to decrease food miles.  All parties agreed that a school garden would be the ideal solution!

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