Dance Party!

The Youth Wellness Team and St. Joseph Community School throws one heck of a dance party! Earlier this month, the youth hosted an after school wellness event: Just Dance! All K-8 students were given the opportunity to stay after school for the voluntary activity – about fifty showed up! Under the guidance of a few staff volunteers, the students spent about an hour bustin’ a move to the popular Wii game.

When I went into the school, I thought I was just there to take some pictures and help supervise. Little did I know I would be asked to control the remote the whole time! I was very skeptical at first, as I have played Wii only a handful of times and generally try to avoid making a fool of myself in front of other people.

Trying to model good sportsmanship for the students, I took the remote and, over many shouted requests, chose a song. And we were off! We spent the better part of an hour dancing to songs ranging from Katy Perry to The Beach Boys to “Who Let the Dogs Out” amid much shrieking and laughter. By the end of the hour, even I was sweating! Everyone left with a smiling face, and I can honestly say this was the highlight of my week!

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